Apr 23, 2017 | Frank Vargo II

Right and Wrong Wisdom

Pastor Frank Vargo's sermon titled Right and Wrong Wisdom from James 3:13-18.

Freedom Bible Church is a nondenominational church that has been ministering in Port Charlotte, Florida since 1991 with Frank Vargo as senior pastor. At Freedom Bible Church, we desire to be a God-centered not a man-centered church. Our prayer is that you’ll discover God’s grace and love through the weekly preaching, as we go verse by verse through the Bible.

We would love to invite you to join us on Sunday mornings as our guest and enjoy the service. We have designed our Worship Service with you in mind. We have made special effort to create a no pressure environment, so that you can experience the difference of Freedom Bible Church (FBC). We will not single you out or call attention to you...we’re just glad you are here!

At Freedom Bible Church, we want you to dress comfortably. When we look at Scripture, we see an emphasis on people, not on their clothing(James 2:1-9). We desire this same emphasis at FBC. If you prefer casual dress, then please come casual. If you prefer to wear a suit, then please do so. At FBC, it’s truly “come as you are!” There are no expectations in regards to dress.

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